Our Philosophy

WelcomeAt Kidz Club we aim to provide a safe and stimulating environment where children are able to grow, learn, develop and expand their own understanding of the world they live in.

Kidz Club nurtures a community based approach and we believe that trust and communication are key elements in encouraging the development of a strong sense of independence and positive self image.

We hope to provide a secure foundation for your child to find a meaningful place in the world of today and tomorrow. At Kidz Club, we intend to observe each child carefully, appreciating their skills and acknowledging their needs.

This in turn helps us to promote and extend their development. Kidz Club provides enthusiastic staff members who believe that children learn best through play. This process is important and we find that the reward is in the experience, not the outcome.

Our highly qualified and experienced Staff will provide an atmosphere of love, respect, care and consideration, with the aim of guiding children to reach their full potential.

We aim to promote positive relationships between parents and staff through the sharing of information and mutual support. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to become involved in the Centre’s planning process.

We believe parents/guardians are the primary guiding influence in a child’s life and aim to respect, compliment and support each family’s individual needs.


  • To care for each child in a safe, secure and happy environment.
  • Staff develop programmes that follow the “Early Years Learning Framework, incorporating a thematic approach. We also include the French Immersion Program promoting as bilingual curriculum.
  • Children learn through structured and playful experiences.
  • To educate by enhancing children’s senses.
  • To provide challenging individual and group activities, which build on the child’s interaction skills whilst respecting their individuality.
  • To provide choices in developmental planning.
  • To respect children and foster their independence.
  • To develop and stimulate skills in all developmental areas.
  • To promote positive self-esteem and to enrich children’s natural curiosity.
  • To Encourage creativity and imagination.
  • Encourage children to embrace our cultural diversity and respect and not discriminate against others.
  • To provide each child and family with a sense of belonging within the Centre’s community.