Our Centre takes pride in welcoming all interested parents and their children to Kidz Club.

We hope our Centre meets your requirements and that your enrolment into the Centre is a rewarding experience.

Upon your visit to our Centre you will receive an enrolment package and the Director and staff will discuss with you any other information of importance to you, regarding our Policy Handbook, our educational planning procedure and your child’s routines.

Please fill out and return the various enrolment forms before commencement – refer Documents page.

This information is extremely important and will enable the Centre to give your child the best possible care.

Also be sure to notify the director of any personal detail changes (eg. Address, phone numbers etc…)

Fees & Payments

A week is defined as five working days from Monday to Friday. Fees are required to be paid weekly, or fortnightly if preferred – by cash, cheque or EFTPOS.

If fees are outstanding, a charge for late payment will be added to your account at the rate of $5 per week. We also reserve the right to allot your child’s place to another family should your fees remain outstanding.

We all know and have experienced some type of family financial difficulty. If this concern applies please let us know and together we can assess the best options for all parties. All details will be treated withthe strictest confidence and compassion.

Booking Days & Absences

When you enroll we ask you to record the regular days that you require e.g. full-time, or Wednesday and Thursday, etc. If these days need to be changed please notify the Centre as soon as possible.

We have developed a fee structure that is beneficial to our families when your child is absent from the Centre. Your child can be absent from the Centre for up to 42 days per year and receive a reduced rate for those days.

Once the child has reached 42 allowable absence days, CCB is not paid for any further absences, unless the absences are taken for an approved absence day reason.

A family may still take absences that exceed 42 allowable absence days and are not for an approved absence day reason, but Child Care Benefit will not be paid.

If your child does not attend because of illness, or if you have confirmation from your employer for an RDO, these absences will not be counted in your 42 allowable absence total.

Public holidays and any holidays taken where the child does not attend the Centre, are charged at a reduced rate of 50% (Two weeks notice needs to be given to the director).