Keen Kittens Kindy Room

Ages 3 ½ to 6 Kindy Room education

The programs developed at Kidz Club Child Care & Educational Centre follow the “Early Years Learning Framework”, incorporating a thematic approach.

A trilingual linguistic program

Kidz Club is unique in South Australia presenting a French, Indigenous (Barngarla), & English Linguistic Program coordinated by Degree qualified linguistic specific, professionals.

The advantages of learning a second and a third language in the early years are immense. The children follow a curriculum that offers a steady flow of diverse subjects and activities with an emphasis on having fun with their second and third language development.

Extracurricular activities including Field trip excursions are included in the program to enhance the language learning experience and provide the children with much fun and enjoyment.

The Early Learning Languages Australia series of French-language Apps are incorporated into the daily French program.