Keen Kittens Kindy Room

Our Kindy Early Years Curriculum is a holistic approach, encompassing a wide range of teaching strategies. Kidz Club employs a four-year university-trained early childhood teacher to implement the framework, offering specialized programs and providing a quality educational environment for preschool children. We encourage and respect parents input regarding their children’s interests and developmental needs to extend intentional teaching and enhance children’s knowledge. We cater for children from 3.5 to 5 years. At Kidz Club, we have an interactive Smart Board that benefits the children through improved teaching and learning opportunities across the whole curriculum. The integration of this technology in our Kindy Room encourages active learning of Jolly Phonics, problem-solving, shapes, colours, numbers, letters and various other topics. As part of our service, we offer a range of activities that help children transition to school. Some of these activities include the Jolly Phonics program, which enables children to learn the 42 sounds of the English Language.  This gives children the foundation for reading and writing. To further their literacy skills we do a structured writing lesson which the children enjoy. These lessons focus on pre-writing skills and extend to copying sentences. Once a month the children do cooking with our cook. They look at a recipe, help measure and mix up the ingredients to create something multicultural. We present a Tri-lingual, French, Indigenous (Barngarla), & English Linguistic Program coordinated by a degree qualified language professional. The children follow a curriculum that offers a steady flow of diverse subjects and activities with an emphasis on having fun with their second and third language development, during the two-hour lessons of language and culture each day. The curriculum also offers “Program Achieve.” Interactive puppets are used for role-play scenarios that teach the children about getting along, confidence, organisation, persistence and resilience. With our show and share program, the children are allocated a day of the week where they need to bring in something to share with the group. This is to promote confidence and positive self-esteem for the children. There is a weekly topic that the children follow which coincides with the theme for the month. Parents are encouraged to work with their children to help them draw, research or create something for the topic.