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The Director and Educators at Kidz Club Child Care & Educational Centre, would like to welcome you to the services we offer

Our family owned and operated centre, built in 2006, offers the highest quality facilities with dedicated and committed Educators, to care for your child.

These components make our centre a wonderful place for your child to play, learn and flourish in a friendly and stimulating environment.

We will strive to make your child’s time away from home a positive, happy and rewarding experience.

As a service, we take pride in providing an exceptional child care facility, with tailored developmental programs which meet the needs of each individual child.

As part of our curriculum, we offer a Calendar of Events which details the special visitors that demonstrate and perform an array of art/craft, music and dance experiences, for the children to enjoy.

Each month focuses on a different educational theme, including festivals and celebrations from many diverse cultures.

Caring Educators

We take pride in appointing our highly trained Educators who are committed to caring for your child in an enthusiastic and dedicated manner.

We believe your child’s needs are our prime concern and the implementation of our care practices are based on this principle.

We adhere to the staffing ratio as per regulations, defined by the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD).

Our highly qualified Educators, with qualifications recognised by the Children’s Services Office, all have a current (DECD) Offender History Report and hold current First Aid certificates.

Our Philosophy

Kidz Club Child Care & Educational Centre provides a safe and stimulating environment; where children are able to grow, learn and enhance their development.

We endeavor to create a “family-like” atmosphere, recognizing the need to create a link between a child’s home and the Centre. We place importance on working in partnership with parents in their child’s development, to cater for individual educational requirements.

We believe parents are the primary guiding influence in a child’s life and we aim to respect, complement and support each family’s individual needs. Kidz Club nurtures a communal approach, through communication and trust we encourage the development of a strong sense of independence and positive self-image.

We encourage children to be competent, curious learners and interested in the world around them. Positive reinforcement is used to direct and promote their learning and behaviour.

Kidz Club Educators provide a balanced and comfortable learning environment, where children are given the opportunity to develop in a holistic approach; where they are able to play and learn at their own pace and level of development.

Educators provide an atmosphere of love, respect, care and consideration; with the aim of guiding children to reach their full potential. It is our belief that children are capable and confident learners, therefore we create our environment to provide challenges, inquiry and excitement.

Collaboration and cooperation are essential in our service, this is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to education.

Through play, children develop skills in all areas of development. It is therefore essential that we provide all children with vast and varied scenarios for learning. Educators are deeply aware of children’s abilities and they work to create a mutual learning environment.

We foster an optimistic and proactive way of approaching environmentalism through giving value to discard materials, imperfect products and otherwise worthless objects. With a focus on communication and creativity in a perspective of sustainability and respect for objects, the environment and people.

Lastly and importantly our philosophy and curriculum reflect the full appreciation of Australia’s multicultural society. Enhancing a child’s awareness of and respect for cultural and linguistic diversity. Educators are sensitive to and respectful of these practices.

Goals - Implementation

  • To care for each child in a safe, secure and happy environment.
  • Educators develop programs that follow the Early Years Learning Framework – (Belonging, Being & Becoming) also incorporating a thematic approach to the curriculum.
  • Kidz Club offers a Trilingual, French, Indigenous (Barngarla), & English Linguistic Program.
  • Children learn through structured and playful experiences.
  • To educate by enhancing children’s senses.
  • To provide challenging individual and group activities, which build on the child’s/children’s interaction skills whilst respecting their individuality.
  • To provide choices in developmental planning.
  • To respect children and foster their independence.
  • To develop and stimulate skills in all developmental areas.
  • To promote positive self-esteem.
  • To enrich children’s natural curiosity.
  • To encourage creativity and imagination.
  • Educate children to embrace, respect, and not discriminate against gender or cultural diversity.
  • All families are encouraged to build a sense of belonging within the Service’s community, by providing feedback and suggestion to Educators and management regarding the curriculum and Services’ Policies…
We thank you for giving us this opportunity and privilege to support you in caring for your child, in a nurturing and educational environment.

Melva Pedron, Director.